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Terrorists have ambitions of empire, says Cheney

Politics •
Baldimo : Re: Terrorists have ambitions of empire, says Cheney
Zippo wrote:
Terrorists have ambitions of empire, says Cheney


Why did the US refuse to abide by a World Court decision?

History •
Lustig Andrei :
The US has never recognized the jurisdiction of the World Court in American affairs. ...

Gut Check: Should You Embrace Our (Mostly) Vegetarian Past?

Health, Diet, Food History, Vegetarian, We Used To Be Pescetarians •
dalehileman :
Latest I’ve heard, you should avoid meat, fruit, vegetables

....and fish too if you can’t verify its mercury content ...

Al Gore Nobel Laureate

International News •
EmilyGreen : Well, it just makes me nauseated. It would de-value the award. ...

kind of a mixed bag

English, Esl, Grammar •
A confusing hodgepodge of things that have to be sorted out.

Imagine a bag full of many different items as opposed to a bag with all the same things in it. ...

Flying saucers in Bhutan?

Science, Identified Stationary Objects, Bhutan, Flying Saucers, Travel Pictures •
rosborne979 :
@cicerone imposter,
Amazing! Conclusive proof of UFO's, finally!

Either that or it's reflections of light fixtures in glass... Naaahhh, it's gotta be UFO's! Yippee!

Supreme Court decides Ricci Case

Supreme Court, Legal, Politics, U S Politics, Ricci Case •
Some will try to make it into a political slap during her hearings but it isn't a slap at all. A 5-4 decision means that 4 of the 9 Justices agreed with the lower courts. Not exactly a sweeping damnation of the lower court opinions....

Towerbuilding in London

Architecture, London, Skyscrapers, Skyline, Towerbuilding •
katya8 : They're all nice. I like that twisty, rolled-up-sheet-of-paper-thing the best. ...

New Eurasia: A New Vision for the Third Millennium

Politics •
Amigo :

HEILIGENDAMM, Germany (CNN) -- U.S. President George Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin agr...


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